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    Shortened Hip Flexors

    A new client came to me because she had searing, burning pain on the upper lateral right thigh. This was stopping her from moving well. She had been to many people without any relief. Her issue, after assessment, appeared to be coming from shortened hip flexors. As well as a narrowing of the inferior iliofemoral joint space.

    Her right femur was pulled into medial rotation, while her lower leg and foot were in lateral rotation. This creates a secondary shortening of the fibers of the origin of vastus lateralis, which was thickened and hypertonic on her right side.

    I began to use SMRT positions to create mobility in her femur and correct the spacing in her iliofemoral joint. She commented on how gentle the work was and how good it felt. It took only 5 minutes to completely change the position of her thigh in relationship to both the hip and the lower leg.

    When she came to my front desk, she said, “that was different than any other massage I have ever experienced.”. “For the first time I feel like I had a deep, significant change in my body. I want to book several more appointments.”

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