• Abdomen Work

    Abdomen Work

    One of my long standing lymphedema clients came in the other day and asked me to spend half of the session working on her lower back. She booked an hour and a half, so plenty of time. I have addressed her back pain in the past, but not for several months.

    She has had 3 c-sections. The most effective way to relieve her back pain is to work her abdomen. On this day, I found that her scar was pulling posterior toward her back and had created a tightened band that split her lower abdomen about an inch and a half above her pubic bone.

    30 Seconds

    As I began to palpate she commented on how tender the scar was. I used SMRT to position the scar itself and held the position for about 30 seconds. Suddenly the scar felt like it popped anterior. She gasped and then said how good that had felt. When I released the SMRT position, the scar was pliable and lower abdomen was all one again, no split.
    When she left her lower back felt “much better” and she felt taller and straighter, which is fantastic.

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