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    Persistent Knee Pain

    Yesterday, I had a client with a persistent right knee issue. She cannot identify anything that happened to cause her knee pain. Each area I worked on led to a feeling of pressure in another area. I began at her right knee, which created pressure in her right ankle, went to her right ankle, which led me to her right hip, then back to her right, and to her lower abdomen.

    Her right iliacus and psoas were tight and tender. Her left lower abdomen was immobile and extremely tender. Pressure was impossible. I did 2 SMRT positions on the right and the tension and tenderness decreased.
    But the left side did not react much when I did a position for psoas or iliacus and she was tense as I worked. She said what I was doing was causing a feeling of pressure in her right knee. The lack of response and her tension told me I was working the wrong area.

    I checked the posterior iliac crest mobility and placement. I positioned the left hip bone and rib cage. She took a deep breath and snored lightly. A minute later there was mobility in the tissue in the lower abdomen and the tenderness had dissipated.

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