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    SMRT Basic Series

    After the class I just taught, one of the students wanted to take her practical test for her full body SMRT basic series certification. The way this practical works is that I give the therapist a real issue with my body (in this case, right hip pain) and they use SMRT in combination with whatever else they choose to address the issue.

    This therapist is amazing. She is amazing as a therapist period, and her SMRT was spectacular. I sometimes forget how good the work feels and how well it works. She spent the final half of the session working on my lower extremities.

    Within 5 minutes, I was having difficulty not melting into what we call the SMRT coma. I really tried to stay awake, but every time she hit an SMRT position, my body relaxed so fully that I just floated away.
    After she was done, I had no pain, the issue was taken care of, and I had to run to the bathroom. I retain fluid when I teach. The work had moved much of it into my bladder!! There is nothing better than great lower extremity work!!
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