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  • Severe Lower Back Pain


    One of my new clients (there are many, I get consistent referrals due to SMRT) complains of severe lower back. She was diagnosed several years ago with CRPS in her feet. I believed from the first time I saw her that her feet were a large part of her lower back pain.

    She did not want her feet touched and I respected that. So, over the course of 3 sessions, I worked most of the rest of her body, including her lower back, abdomen, ribs, shoulders, and thighs. Each time her pain was substantially worse. I impressed upon her that her feet were the issue. I explained that with SMRT I could work her feet without using pressure. She agreed to try. I paid close attention to her reactions and adjusted my positions accordingly.

    She left standing straighter and with less pain. The pain continued to improve for several days until she had very little. She thinks this is what we should do in future sessions.

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